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Experience the Dynamic Quantum Culture by joining the Quantum Omega group. With our fast-paced work culture and our unique project management method, you are bound to grow in your industry while having well-rounded work experience. We embrace diversity and encourage individuals of all races, beliefs, genders & culture to apply at our company!

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Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions from candidates looking to apply for various job roles in our company.

The Quantum Omega Group offers flexible working benefits. This means that we have jobs which are freelance, full time and part time. However, certain job roles cannot be part time due to the nature of the job.

Once you apply for the job role, you need to wait for a mail from our HR team. If you are shortlisted, you will get a mail guiding you towards the next phase, which will be an interview with the Quantum Omega Management. If you pass this interview, you will be shortlisted for the next phase which includes an assessment test for candidates to prepare for.

Candidates will be given relevant documents from the HR team. These documents will also have a question bank that will enable candidates to prepare themselves for the assessment.

While the amount of time to know whether you have been recruited varies from one job type to another, typically you can expect a response in one to two weeks or around 10-14 days after you submit your application materials and write the assessment test.

The system will accept resume files in the form of .doc, .docx,  and .pdf.

Be sure to read all error messages which appear at the top of the application screen when you attempt to submit your application. These error messages will ensure that you enter all of the information requested by the Quantum Omega recruitment team. You will also want to make sure that your internet connection is stable when attempting to submit your completed application. Additionally, you can send in your resume and details on


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