Quantum Dynamics is an integrated Microsoft Dynamics professional service provider focused on the implementation, optimization, recovery, and management of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, 2012 and Dynamics 365 software. We are a dynamic development company that provides a complete suite of end-to-end business solutions to our customers and partners. 

Quantum Dynamics specializes in the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack and provides implementation support and development.

The Advanced Sales Tax Framework 

Staying on top of local laws and regulations in multiple countries is resource-intensive and challenging. Not only do individual countries and regions have their own regulations, but these rules are continuously changing, making compliance a perpetual task that requires close attention.  To effectively manage complex global sales tax operations, organizations require a solution with the flexibility to scale and one that handles today’s tax complexities and allow for future expansion and ever-changing tax regulations.  

Traditionally, organizations selecting or implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in these situations often require an external tax engine to perform tax determination and calculation or frequently end up with a sub-optimal determination solution. 

The features and benefits of the Advanced Sales Tax Framework (ASX), greatly enhance the “out of the box” sales tax functionality included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, giving organizations assurance over the tax determination delivered.


Quantum Dynamics is a fast growing, relatively young company that, since its start in 2017, has built a proven track record of successful Microsoft Dynamics implementations and support to businesses around the world.



Our Quantum Culture revolves around the following principles:

  1. Prioritizing our clients by responding to their mails and calls quickly.
  2. Delivering solutions with agility.
  3. Ensuring complete project transparency and reducing redundancy.
  4. Doing whatever it takes to deliver a client’s project in time, in scope and in budget.

What separates us from our competitors is our Quantum Culture and our Advanced Sure Step Implementation method. 

Our Strength 

Our core competency

Our team of highly experienced professionals have successfully led and implemented complex business projects worldwide. With our expertise, your project is guaranteed to succeed!

Providing you with quality and assurance in our solutions is our goal. 

Through our dedicated industry focus and effective and transparent communication with our partners, at Quantum Dynamics delivering your ERP project in time, in scope, and within budget is not just a promise: It’s in our DNA. 



The Advanced Sure Step methodology is gaining popularity and acceptance. It combines the best of Agile and the work breakdown structure (Waterfall) to create a new project management method that fits the majority of the projects.

The beauty of the Sure Step method is that it not only lets the team plan before starting to work on the project, but also divides the development cycle into short-term deliveries called sprints.


The Quantum Group’s Sure Step Methodology extends these features, even further as it combines the benefits of Microsoft Sure Step and FastTrack implementation methodologies to consistently align requirements with expectations throughout the “Implementation” phase, align requirements with expectations, which could be quite different.

The secret lies in our Data Migration, Workshops and Training framework, which form the backbone of our Implementation Method.


There’s a big advantage of having an almost “production-ready” system at the start of the Implementation Phase that gets improved with every sprint.

The reason is that this method improves user acceptance by enabling them to more easily recognize how their business processes would work in Dynamics and, just as important, let them check the data quality and how the data is structured and processed from the start of the project, not at the end

Our Solutions

At Quantum Dynamics, our experts drill down to the source of your challenge while maintaining a sharp vision on the bigger picture. We ensure that our clients do not just get scattered improvements, but an overall better ERP System.


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