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Quantum Omega Group

The Quantum Omega Group includes within it a set of companies that are leading Microsoft Professional Service Providers that deliver innovative solutions for companies globally. These subsidiary corporations include Quantum Omega, Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Dynamic Experts.

Our Companies

Subsidiary Corporations

While the specializations of each company may be different, our values and culture remain one and the same. We work by the Quantum Culture and live by our motto: “We Do What We Say, and Say What We Do”. To know more about what each company entails, simply click on the company images above.

Quantum Omega is a leading Microsoft Dynamics365 Consulting Solutions provider with a proven track record of successful Dynamics Implementations Worldwide, including integration with CRM, Salesforce, and many other platforms. From their cost-effective project implementation method (Advance Sure Step) to their no-nonsense attitude, Quantum Omega is are one of a kind in its industry.

Quantum Dynamics is a Software Development Company that focuses on Microsoft Dynamics D365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, the Microsoft Power Platform, and in particular on its FinEx range of financial add-ons: the Advanced Sales Tax Framework, the Advanced Reporting Framework, ReconBot, and ReconAlert. FinEx seamlessly extends the standard financial modules of Microsoft Dynamics to meet your global and local financial, business, and legal requirements.

Quantum Dynamics Experts includes a group of industry experts that specialize in the implementation, optimization, recovery and management of Microsoft Dynamics. They stand for quality and assurance first. That’s why, through their dedicated industry focus and effective and transparent communication, delivering your software development task or project in time and in scope is not just a promise, it’s natural to them.

Meet Our CEO/Founder

Danny Thie


“The more accurate your test environment from DAY ONE embodies your business processes using the DATA YOU KNOW, the easier it is to familiarize yourself with the new system and envision differences that could improve your current processes” 

Our Strengths

This is what our Company Culture entails

Sense of Urgency

The majority of issues or requests get delayed because of the lack of ownership or sense of urgency. Therefore, we live by this simple rule: deliver solutions in time, in scope and in budget.

Reducing Your Workload

By working smarter, avoiding redundancy, and combining tasks, we reduce your workload so you can focus on what’s important.

Simplifying Matters

We simplify matters to give you a project that is on time, in scope, and with maximum transparency.

Delivering Client Satisfaction

Only industry experts with a focus on customer satisfaction are allowed at the Quantum Omega Group. People who you can trust will do the work when needed.

Optimized Delivery Times

We reduce risk and optimize delivery times by delivering fast, better, and cost-effective solutions.

Prompt Email Response

At the Quantum Omega Group, we are trained to answer the majority of our emails within the hour, which applies to everyone, even our CEO.

High Quality Assurance

We dedicate a considerable amount of time to ensure a high level of quality assurance by conducting regular QA checks on our deliverables.

Transparency Guaranteed

We believe in transparency and honesty. As such, you will have
full access and transparency to important and relevant information on our end when we work.

In Time, In Scope, In Budget

Our globally experienced experts ensure that your project bears is completed in accordance with our DNA: “In time, In scope, In budget.” 

Making the Impossible, Possible.

Through our Sure Step Methodology, our Quantum Culture, and our work ethics, we make the impossible possible.

We Do What We Say and Say What We Do.

We strive to work by this principle in everything that we do: To exceed your expectations, save valuable time and costs, and reduce your ERP implementation workload. Ultimately our goal is to establish a partnership that will create long-lasting value.


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