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THE Advanced Sales Tax Framework

ASX allows for multiple tax compliance- and local business practice requirements around the world.

Staying on top of local laws and regulations in several countries is resource-intensive and challenging. Not only do individual countries and regions have their own regulations, but these rules are continuously changing, making compliance a perpetual task that requires close attention.

To effectively manage complex global operations like these from a tax perspective, organizations require a solution with the flexibility to scale to support and to handle today’s unique tax complexities and allow for future expansion and ever-changing tax regulations.

Traditionally, organizations selecting or implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in these situations often require an external tax engine to perform tax determination and calculation, and frequently end up with an expensive, sub-optimal determination solution.

The features and benefits of the Advanced Sales Tax Framework (ASX), greatly enhance the "out of the box" sales tax functionality included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, giving organizations assurance over the tax determination that could be delivered.

At Quantum Dynamics, our team of experts drill down to the source of your requirement, while maintaining a clear vision on the bigger picture. We deliver an overall well synchronized ERP system for your needs.

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